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The evidence is conclusive that extended care facilities are a part of the continuum of care in the State of Illinois. Therefore, behavioral health providers have a responsibility to assist recovering persons who are leaving treatment or assessed as needing continuing support to be referred to such a facility.

In Illinois, the NCRS credential fosters continuing professional development and recognizes unique skills required in programs that promote individual, family and community recovery. National Certified Recovery Specialists share and upgrade skills by means of specialized education and training and peer-oriented experiential learning.

The NCRS credential provides affirmation, encouragement and peer recognition of staff (employees & volunteers) that work in Halfway Houses, Recovery Homes, Sober Rooming Houses, Neighborhood Recovery Centers and other Social Model Programs and Centers.

The overlap of roles and responsibilities in this continuum of care has resulted in greater communication and interdependence among treatment and recovery specialist professionals. The development of a national certification for a recovery professional is designed to strengthen the supervision and rehabilitative potential provided by our continuum of care.

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Minimum Requirements for NCRS Certification

Maintaining your Certification

Hours of Education may include content on the following:

Dynamics of Addiction
Legal and Professional Responsibility
Crisis Intervention
Self-Help & Recovery
Case Management; Monitoring

Suggested Education Sources in the Public Domain:

NARR - National Association of Recovery Residences
IAEC - Illinois Association of Extended Care
IAODAPCA / ICB - Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association
A.A. World Services Approved Literature
ASAM Patient Placement Criteria II (ASAM PPC II)

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